There are life’s at stake! Lets improve ourselves by making the gap between black and white smaller, through reading about the mistakes made today and yesterday. .
I really wanted to contribute to this matter I’m not that good with words, but to only add an image even as an illustrator wouldn’t feel enough.
We are here on this planet and this is what it is. We are the only ones we have. And after all we have been through being offspring off slaves or parents who didn’t taught us we are all equal. We all have to deal with that. Dancing with eachother on the smoking heaps of what our forefathers did. Let us be better examples for our kids so that they can be better people and have better problems. I learned the last few days about myself and the world I live in, due to the people who where informing and standing up immediately. I didn’t actually think I needed that. I was annoyed by the people who spoke/typed the words, black lives matter, it’s like saying something so obvious. But there is a group of people who constantly have to prove them selves to find the same rights. Sorry I was so ignorant, there is a big difference between black and white. And this difference is made by people in the past. Let’s not make this gap bigger, and we can trough reading more about our mistakes in the past and present. We can be so much more aware through that.